Types of Mehndi

The uses and styles of Mehndi has evolved hugely as the practice as spread across the world. It’s now practiced in many cultures, for many different purposes, throughout the globe.

Moroccan Mehndi

Given its historic and religious significance, the Islamic population of Morocco has its own style of Mehndi, used during family functions and festivals. It’s of special importance during weddings, when Moroccan bridal Mehndi designs are an essential part of the occasion for brides. Much of this Mehndi artwork is designed to ward off ‘evil’ and bring good luck to the couple. This is why you’ll see many diamond shaped Mehndi designs – a protective motif against the ‘evil eye’.

Yet, more recently, these Moroccan designs have become popular with younger Mehndi aficionados. Perhaps the reason for this is that these designs employ simple geometric shapes with a contemporary look that matches well with modern indo-western dress. The designs tend to be simpler and can usually be completed relatively quickly by less experienced artists.