Types of Mehndi

The uses and styles of Mehndi has evolved hugely as the practice as spread across the world. It’s now practiced in many cultures, for many different purposes, throughout the globe.

Indian Mehndi

The days when family members carried out Mehndi work are long gone. Today, professional Mehndi artists specialise in a diverse range of styles in henna art, design and application. While traditional Indian designs are still used, including peacock motifs, floral designs, and classic bride/groom compositions, many other design elements have been introduced and are used on the hand, forearms, feet and calves. Even fingertips are covered in layers of henna paste. In terms of traditional Indian Mehndi, Batik curls and curves with little free space is currently popular.

The general concept for Indian Mehndi is for the designs to imitate expensive Jewellery. The latest trends in bridal design has seen more colour being incorporated between the henna motifs, as well as the addition of ‘stones’ and ‘gems’, and the inclusion of glitters or metallic dusts. Geometric patterns and white henna designs have also become very trendy.