Mehndika Bringing The Mehndi Community Together

Welcome To Mehndika

The first site designed for fans and practitioners of Mehndi in the UK.

Finding the perfect Mehndi artist, or a new client for your Mehndi service, just became easier.

Right across the UK, there is a growing demand for Mehndi artists, as more and more people use this ancient form of body art in marriage ceremonies, as well as other celebrations, or simply as attractive body art. But, finding the right one for your needs, or finding the right clients for the Mehndi services you offer isn’t always easy.

Which is why we’ve created Mehndika, the first website of its kind to connect those looking for Mehndi services and those who provide them.

Read on to discover what Mehndika can offer you, whether you’re a Mehndi artist, or you’re looking for one…